Status of Perl 6

Last updated: 2016-08-13

What is the current status of Perl 6?

Quick answer: it's been released! Download it here

Longer answer:

Perl 6 is a language specification. There is an implementation of it called Rakudo, and a distribution of Rakudo called Rakudo Star, which you can download here.

It has all the rest of the cool stuff you were promised:

How to download Rakudo Star

What is the relationship between Perl 5 and Perl 6?

Although Perl 6 was originally envisioned as the next great version of Perl, the community now deems Perl 5 and Perl 6 as separate projects with separate development teams and project goals. Perl 5 continues to flourish into its 3rd decade and there is no plan for it to cease development anytime soon. Read more about it here.

Where can I see some examples of Perl 6?


One of Perl's strengths has always been CPAN. Perl 6 doesn't have a rich CPAN infrastructure yet, but a list of Perl 6 modules is available

Some quick links:

Rosetta Code

Rosetta Code shows how many different programming tasks are accomplished in many different languages. Over 700 Perl 6 examples are linked to from the Perl 6 category


Many examples are linked to from the official Perl 6 documentation

Tell me something cool about "recent" Perl 6 developments!

Rakudo has a JVM backend! That's cool, right?

Where can I learn Perl 6?

There are a number of tutorials and code examples at the official Perl 6 documentation

What has happened with Perl 6 recently, and what's next?

There's an excellent blog

Who made this document, and where does it live?

Perl Careers, for London-based Perl jobs made it.

It lives on Github